In practice, DMT contains both movement and verbal components, often simultaneously.  Sessions are most effective on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and can address a variety of mental health concerns. No prior movement experience is necessary (but openness to the movement process is!) for full participation in a session.

How is DANCE therapy different from more traditional verbal therapies?

We offer both traditional verbal psychotherapy and dance therapy, and the two are often combined in sessions, working together to integrate your body and mind. Sometimes, however, words are not enough to express the fullness of your feelings or experiences. This is where movement can come in—movement is often able to bridge the gap between what we know how to say and what we are actually feeling, but at a loss for words to communicate.  Dance/movement psychotherapy also focuses on where emotions are physically felt and experienced in the body, and works to integrate those experiences on a body-level through repeated movement phrases, deep breathing, and work with metaphor.

Your body is your best teacher.

Do I need dance experience? What if I have physical limitations?

No dance (or even movement) experience is needed to participate in either dance/movement psychotherapy or Authentic Movement sessions. All that’s required is a willingness to learn more about yourself through a movement process. How much or how little you move in a session is completely up to you, and we have plenty of experience in working with people with physical limitations or wheelchairs, and will help you find rewarding and meaningful ways of moving your body.

How much does a session cost?

Each therapist sets their own rates based on their office location, licensure/certifications, and experience. Some therapists offer sliding scale fees on a per case basis, or accept insurance as an in-network provider. Others offer sessions as an out of network provider, or do not accept insurance at all. Use our Contact page to inquire about therapists’ rates and availability.