Live an authentic life.

Authentic Movement is the ritual of tending to, responding from, and acting on one’s genuine movement impulses. An impulse can be anything: a physical sensation, a memory, an image, a feeling, or just a desire to move a certain way. Practiced in both group and individual settings, Authentic Movement seeks directly address the essential human conflict between the desire for and the fear of being truly seen.


With a specially trained therapist-witness holding the space for the Authentic Movement experience, healing and growth is facilitated through being seen exactly how one is, free from judgment, projection, or interpretation. Following the movement period, a verbal dialogue between the mover and therapist-witness takes place, with the therapist-witness reflecting back the experience from a safe place of acceptance and inclusion.


Can I do Authentic Movement as part of my REGULAR therapy session?

How and if Authentic Movement is offered is determined by your therapist, as not all therapists have the additional credential required to practice it. Should you and your therapist decide that Authentic Movement is appropriate for your course of treatment, it can be included as a part of your regularly scheduled therapy session, or it can be an additional, separate meeting.


Just breathe.
And wait for the impulse to arise.

Individually or within the context of an ongoing group, Authentic Movement allows one to truly be in the present moment, cultivating greater self-awareness and a true understanding of one’s own creative potential.

No prior movement or dance experience is necessary to practice Authentic Movement.