Your body is talking to you. Isn’t it time to listen?


Dance/movement therapy focuses on the dynamic interplay of thoughts, feelings, and physical experiences.  Through creative role-playing, talking, and spontaneous movement, our therapy practice offers unique expertise and tools to help you live your best, most creative life.


Make sense of your emotional world.

Based on the premise that the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected, dance/movement psychotherapy (DMT) supports your cognitive, emotional, and spiritual growth. Movement is often used as a metaphor, giving voice to what is too difficult to say verbally, or when words are not enough to fully express a feeling or experience.

It is possible to move beyond difficult experiences.
Turn your pain into self-expression.


Your body is the container for all of your human experience. It holds the totality of your thoughts, feelings, and memories. By using your body and breath as inroads, we can give voice to upsetting thoughts or sensations safely and effectively. We meet you with compassion so you can discuss the things that shame you, embarrass you, and control you.

What does a dance therapy session look like?  Generally speaking each session can be divided into three parts: a warm-up to prepare both the body and the mind for the session; a period of thematic development where emotional and metaphoric material is explored; and closure or cool-down, when the session safely comes to an end. A good movement therapist will transition fluidly between these three components.


Most dance movement therapists work improvisationally—that is, there isn’t pre-determined movement for the session. We will work in the moment together to create, develop, and make sense of your movements.


Move your body, change your mind, and move forward in your life.